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A Quick Guide to Help You Stick to That New Year's Resolution

Nicki Payne

Even though I was born in Pittsburgh, PA (Go Steelers!), I consider myself a Florida girl since I was only 6 when I moved to New Tampa. I love spendin.

Even though I was born in Pittsburgh, PA (Go Steelers!), I consider myself a Florida girl since I was only 6 when I moved to New Tampa. I love spendin.

Feb 7 3 minutes read

It’s that time of year again! 2017 is coming to a close and you’re ready to up your game for 2018. #NewYearNewMe…right?! We all know it isn’t that easy. Whether your New Year’s Resolution is to stop biting your nails, to stop skipping the gym, or to remember to call your mom twice a week… chances are your motivation will die off after just a couple of months. We have some tips for you to help your resolution stick, no matter what it may be!

Start Small

Setting smaller, attainable goals will set you up for success. Setting one overwhelming goal can be discouraging, because it’s hard to measure success throughout the year. The more goals you meet, the more you will be motivated to keep going! Even if your end goal is something larger, setting smaller short term goals to lead up to one end goal is the way to go.

Talk About it 

Let your family and friends know that you’re trying to quit smoking, trying to cut out soda, or limiting your TV time to an hour a day. When the people you’re closest to know what you’re trying to achieve, they can help you reach your goals. You can even consider joining a support group, or starting your own! Get together with a group of coworkers and motivate each other to workout 5 days a week. Having others involved in your journey will keep you accountable.

Track your Progress

Once you break your one BIG goal into smaller attainable goals, keep track of them every time you meet one. Meeting a goal, even a small one, will feel awesome and keep you motivated to meet all of your goals after that. If you are trying to lose 40 pounds (BIG goal), make it your goal to lose 5 pounds a month. Track your progress in a journal or on a board on your wall that you see every day. You’ll be reminded each time to see it that you are doing great, and should keep going!

Don't Beat Yourself Up

It’s pretty close to impossible to reach your goals on the first try with no miss-steps…and that is totally OK! Just because you caved and had a Big Mac on a stressful day doesn’t mean your progress is ruined. Let the small mistake be motivation to keep going! Learn from your mistakes and never stop trying to move towards that end goal.

Reward Yourself

Didn’t miss a day at the gym this week? Hit all of your deadlines at work? Went a whole month with no smoking? AWESOME! Go get a manicure, buy a new outfit, have a cheat day and eat a piece of cake, or relax and have a few hours of binge-watching on Netflix! Knowing that you will reward yourself once a small goal is attained will help you remember to stick to that goal.

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