You all have heard the buzz surrounding the Downtown / Water Street district as of late. Jeff Vinik and Strategic Property Partners (SPP) are ALL-IN on revitalizing Tampa's urban core bringing a much needed work/live/play lifestyle to the city and we are right there with him. 

BREAKING: To pile on the GOODNESS that is the potential of Downtown / Water Street living, The Tampa Bay Rays have unveiled their proposed location for the new stadium.. hint: it is within walking distance of SPP's redevelopment plans. 

Following along? Seeing the trend? Picking up what we're putting down?

If you haven't figured it out, Downtown / Water Street disctrict is THE place to be!

There are currently (as of November 8, 2017) 40 properties for sale located directly in the DT / WS district (single-family homes, condos, townhomes). This DOES NOT include properties for sale in South Tampa, Hyde Park, North Hyde Park, Davis Islands, Ybor, etc. 

When it's all said and done, the values of these homes should absolutely SKYROCKET. 

So, as we were saying, the time is now. 

Are you all-in?